Rita 9M26 – this flush sister to the popular $B leader Rito 9M25 was our choice of his four full sisters featured in the record-setting Wehrmann Dispersal where her first two daughters by Complete sold for $13,000 each with a bull calf pregnancy from her by Poss Total Impact selling for $5,500. Powerful phenotype in addition to an elite +88 $B index, both a Marbling EPD and RE EPD that are above +1.00 and a BEPD that is well below breed average!

Rita 9Q24 – our choice of the flush sisters to our Number 1 $B sire in the breed, Rito 9Q13. Uniquely powerful for a daughter of the marbling leader Gardens Highmark, this outcross genomic giant has a $B above +87, a Marbling EPD above +1.00 and a phenotypic look that combines power and eye appeal with the huge square hip that all cattlemen love to see!

Rita 0M11 – this granddaughter of our Wehrmann record-setting foundation female Rita 2V5 combines a $B index above +91 with both a Marbling EPD and RE EPD that are well above +1.00 and her $35,000 full sister was a crowd favorite selected by Express and Vista. Three maternal sisters by New Day 454 and three maternal brothers by Complete also joined this young power cow at Three Trees.

Three Trees Blackcap 12E1 – this daughter of the $62,500 top-selling female of the Wehrmann Dispersal by the sire of the $50,000 top-selling bred heifer of that same event is a maternal sister to Rito 9Q13, Rito 9M25 and Three Trees Shenandoah 1C49 that was our choice of a great embryo flush as the female that best combined phenotype and genomic excellence with a CED of 9, a BEPD of +.6 and a $B index approaching +85.

Three Trees Blackcap 2H7 – the oldest daughter of our $B leader Rito 9Q13 in existence, this powerful November heifer with a $B index approaching +92 offers a BEPD below +1.0 along with both a Marbling EPD and RE EPD that are above +1.00. Triple-bred to the world record-setting foundation Blackcap 2536 female, her maternal grandam is the powerful and popular Rita 5M46.

Three Trees Shenandoah 1C49 – our selection as the top-selling young bull of the Wehrmann Dispersal where his maternal brother Rito 9Q13 reached a valuation of $130,000, this maternal brother to Rito 9M25 is the only Summitcrest Complete son of the $62,500 top-selling Lot 1 cow of that historic sale. His HD50K genomic results have given this future star a $B index above +90 in combination with a BEPD that is well below breed average to make him a great candidate for breeding virgin heifers.

Three Trees Court Manor 1C3 – this maternal brother to the new Three Trees donor Rita 0M11 and the new Express donor Rita 7M89 is another very complete and powerful son of Summitcrest Complete. His donor dam from the mating of Future Direction to Rita 2V5 could actually be the most ideal balance of phenotype and genetics for carcass and growth ever produced at Wehrmann Angus.

Three Trees Efficiency 2H1 – our first choice from the five sons from the first calf crop by Rito 9Q13, this unique breeding piece from a dam that stacks TC Total and Bushwacker ranked top 3% for DMI and top 6% for RFI on HD50K genomic evaluation to earn an RADG EPD among the elite percentiles of the Angus population. A truly rare combination of calving ease, feed efficiency, carcass excellence and superior growth genetics in an eye-appealing package validated by HD50K genomics.

Three Trees Blue Ridge 2H6 – a full brother in blood to our exciting young 2H7 female, this herd sire of the future offers a 10 CED and a .6 BEPD in combination with a RE EPD above +1.10 and a $B index above +86. Slated to follow the footsteps of his famous sire in the breeding program at Three Trees Ranch, this triple-bred descendant of the foundation Blackcap 2536 is double bred to the carcass standard Future Direction to put the carcass excellence of Precision 1680 in his pedigree five times.

Video from the Wehrmann Angus Dispersal provided by Superior Productions.

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