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July 1, 2012

Three Trees Salutes the Turning of a Page!

Congratulations to our good friend Richard McClung and the entire Wehrmann family on the record-setting turning of a page that was a fitting tribute to 37 years of unprecedented dedication to a belief and a dream. What a great compliment to a lifetime effort to be at the cutting edge of breed progress and what an endorsement of the value that genomics and excellence in the bio-economic indexes have added to Angus genetics around the world with a sale gross that exceeded $5.3 million!

Three Trees Ranch is pleased that Nick Wehrmann, Jr., who carries on his father's name, also made the decision to carry on his father's legacy by purchasing the Wehrmann half interest of the breed's number 1 $B index sire, Rito 9Q13 and a group of Wehrmann foundation females from the other family members to begin a new chapter of Angus history for a second generation of the Wehrmann family. We look forward to working with Nick, Jr. to make this landmark sire the greatest ever from a program that has been a breed leader in production of bulls that have changed the course of Angus history and we wish both Nick, Jr. and Richard our best as they carry on the work that Nick's father and Richard began together.

From the first calf crop by Rito 9Q13, Three Trees chose what we believe is his most powerful and complete son that we have named Three Trees Blue Ridge 2H6 and his full sister in blood, Three Trees Blackcap 2H7, that is the oldest daughter of Rito 9Q13 in existence and a truly unique young power female with a BEPD below +1 and a $B index above +91 before the Fall 2012 National Evaluation. To explore another avenue of the potential of Rito 9Q13, we also chose his son that we have named Three Trees Efficiency 2H1 who ranked top 3% for DMI and top 6% for RFI on HD50K genomic evaluation. We look forward to exploring their great genetic potential and were pleased to be able to bring all of the first three daughters of Rito 9Q13 to Three Trees Ranch to give us a jumpstart with his unique and record-shattering genetics.

The most powerful, popular and valuable bull calf from the 2011-2012 calf crop at Wehrmann Angus is the maternal brother to Rita 9Q13 and Rita 9M25 by Summitcrest Complete 1P55 that we have named Three Trees Shenandoah 1C49 to honor the program and people that produced him. Nearly flawless in his individual phenotype with powerful structure and movement, this son of the $62,500 top-selling cow of the Wehrmann Dispersal had an equally impressive genomic evaluation to offer a BEPD below breed average in combination with a $B index that exceeds +90 using the Spring 2012 assumptions for carcass value. When the Fall 2012 assumptions that are sure to value carcass excellence even more are introduced into the bio-economic calculation of $B index, the sky is the limit for this exciting prospect and his two famous maternal brothers, Rito 9Q13 and Rito 9M25.

We could not be more excited that the donors at Three Trees have been joined by Rita 9Q24, the most powerful flush sister to the $B leader Rito 9Q13 and by Rita 9M26, the flush sister to the $B leader Rito 9M25 that was our choice of four top-selling full sisters to Rito 9M25. We were excited to see the only three progeny of Rita 9M26 in the Wehrmann Dispsrsal come to the top of the sale offering with two fall embryo heifers from her by Complete selling for $13,000 each while a single bull calf pregnancy by Poss Total Impact from her sold for $5,500. We are eagerly anticipating Christmas of 2012 and the birth at Three Trees of the only maternal brother and maternal sister to Rito 9Q13 and Rito 9M25 by the increasingly popular outcross sire Connealy Consensus 7229.

After careful study of the entire Wehrmann program it became obvious to us that Rita 5FH8, the Future Direction daughter of our Wehrmann record-setting foundation female Rita 2V5, has taken her place as one of the elite cows ever produced in that program. Her daughter Rita 7M89 was powerful and nearly perfect in phenotype and she was the $35,000 third high-selling cow selected by Express and Vista while Three Trees chose the full sister to that female, Rita 0M11 who ranks among the top 50 females of the breed for $B index, as another top-selling donor. The top-selling bred heifer at $50,000 was a granddaughter of Rita 5FH8 with flush sisters to that bred heifer selling for $24,000, $22,000, $18,000 and $11,000. Embryo pregnancies from the top-selling granddaughter of Rita 5FH8 and her flush sister were among the most sought-after genetics of the event with five heifer pregnancies selling for $7,000 or more from virgin flushes of them. Three Trees selected three fall embryo daughters of Rita 5FH8 by New Day 454 and three fall embryo sons of her by Complete to add even more opportunities for her power to be expressed in our program in the future.

Although our foundation Rita 2V5 female is now gone, her influence at Three Trees continues to grow as her six daughters by Predestined, seven daughters by Credence and two daughters by Objective carry on the Blackcap family with her oldest daughter at Three Trees, the Rita 6M53 who came with her dam to Three Threes as a heifer, currently building a third generation Blackcap legacy with seven daughters by Ingenuity, six daughters by Forward, five daughters by Three Trees Prime Cut 0145, and three daughters each by SydGen Sure Bet and EXAR 263C in the program.

Three Trees is proud that the flush sisters Rita 4L1 and Rita 4L3 call Three Trees Ranch their home. These flush sisters could well be the two most proven and powerful living direct daughters of the foundation Blackcap 2536 and both have a BEPD below breed average with 4L1 recording an average IMF ratio of 106 on 35 progeny scanned for IMF and an average ratio of 106 on 34 progeny scanned for URE while 4L3 has 37 progeny with an average IMF ratio of 106 and 37 with an average URE ratio of 105. In addition to seven daughters at Three Trees by Connealy Forward and four by Summitcrest Complete, 4L1 is the dam of the Three Trees herd sires, Three Trees Double Design, the calving ease and marbling leader by Predestined, and Rito 6EM3 the featured ABS and ORIgen sire that is a CED leader with a huge birth to yearling spread and added muscle and phenotype.

The genetics created, developed and marketed at Wehrmann Angus have been an integral ingredient in the fabric and fiber of the breeding program at Three Trees Ranch and the entire Angus breed. While no one can recreate the past, there are great days ahead for the Angus breed as a second generation of the Wehrmann family and those of us who have shared in their genetic bounty use the evolving genetic and genomic tools to take the art and science of breeding beef cattle to new heights!

For a review of some of Three Trees genetic additions chosen from the Wehrmann program, please refer to the "New Additions" tab on this "Home Page" and then click on the animal name to view the YouTube video from the Wehrmann Dispersal provided by Superior Productions.

Mark your calendar for the Three Trees Millarden Bull & Female Sale at noon on Monday, November 5, 2012 at Three Trees Millarden near Woodbury, Georgia. On Sunday, April 21, 2013, Three Trees and Pfizer Animal Genetics will present a "Practical Genomics" seminar and dinner to be followed on Monday, April 22, 2013 with Three Trees and guests presenting the first annual "Genomic Genetics Sale" at the Sharpsburg headquarters, a "Keeneland-like" event for Angus cattle with elite genomic merit and bio-economic index excellence.


Dick Beck
General Manager

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